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Alsun Translation SEO Case Study

Case Study – From 0 to 20k traffic per month

1) Website overview

This website provides translation services in Dubai. The goal of the client was to improve website traffic and capture more leads.

2) Keyword Research

Keyword research was a critical success factor for this website. While conducting niche research, we kept the following in mind:

  • Target medium competition keywords
  • Most of the keywords should have a high search volume.
  • Perform transactional and informational keyword research 

The reason we set this criterion was that we recently saw many websites being in a sandbox because of targeting high-competition keywords at first. Past were the days when SEOs used to target high-competition keywords, build some gray hat backlinks, and leave it for some months. Then the website used to improve ranking on its own, but this does not happen anymore.

3) Website Creation

Our developer started the development of the website once we had finished the keyword research. Our team continued to research and gave a web copy to the developer regarding the content, breadcrumbs, URLs, and meta tags. The website is built in WordPress. It took almost 1-2 weeks for the developer to develop this website.

4) Technical SEO Strategy

Once the development was completed, our team of SEO specialists examined all the technical errors on the site. With our technical SEO audit, we identified some issues with the website, such as Website speed optimization, sitemap, canonical, etc.  We created a prioritized list of actionable tasks for the developers to address the identified SEO issues.

5) On-Page SEO Strategy

We started publishing pages and blogs on the website daily as soon as it was developed and functional. Our team kept publishing the content daily. We were able to get about 1 to 2 pages live and indexed every day.

The website has more than 200 pages of information and transactional content. All the pages were optimized for On-page SEO factors like meta tags optimization, internal links, and CTAs by our team.

6) User Experience Strategy

Focusing solely on content quantity alone isn’t enough. Without prioritizing User Experience (UX), even a high volume of content won’t guarantee SEO success. In the context of user experience, we improved our navigation, added breadcrumbs, improved color coordination, and made the design consistent.

7) Backlinks Creation

For backlinks, we have focused on natural link building like Digital PR. Some organic & some foundation backlinks are built on this website (maybe about 300 basic backlinks), and the rest are all organic.

8) Content Strategy

As soon as the website started to rank for main keywords. I asked my writer to add an extra 400-600 words of unique content to those pages that were improving rank in search. So we added unique content on the top 20 pages. This strategy significantly boosted our rankings. Most of the traffic of this website is from the Middle East like Dubai and Saudia Arabia. The website was getting around 1000+ traffic daily.


Through collaborative efforts on this project, SEO Expert Dubai achieved significant progress. It took some time though, almost 6 months. I hope you have learned something new from this alsun translation case study.

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